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Steven - what a masterpiece! I am in awe. I have only scratched the surface, but cannot wait for more.

I am in the middle myself of something monumental - still fibre art, sort of - but definitely not a quilt. When they have been completed (two full-sized Clydesdale statues), we are going to London and then one for a short holiday - I have chosen Leipzig! I will take this with me and be immersed in Bach for the whole holiday.

Dear Steven,

Good luck on the first stint of your tour. Here's to hope that one of your next stints takes you throughout Europe.

Enjoy every minute of that tour on and off stage. I hope that the spark of musical truth ignites your audiences as Bach's legacy keeps on igniting musicians and artists all across the globe.

All the best from Leipzig, Germany!

WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for including my art. It is a beautiful work that you have undertaken.

Thank You very much for your wonderful CD... We are all enjoying the music, more for each time it's played.

Again, Thank You, might good health and a healthy spirit go with you.

Congratulations Dear Steven

Have read all you sent, and I agree with every word on both! You have indeed achieved a monumental project in sound, letters and images! Just amazing.

Am keeping my fingers crossed for your coming to the Bach festival next year.

Dear Steven,

YES, I fall in love with your music!

I'm so impressed by your work and your kindness.

The title From Tragedy to Transcendence enlightens the aspect of Bach some people ignore...

It was a great adventure for you. Now it's a fantastic adventure for us.

Dear Steven,

You have created something more than a musical transformation. You have created an inventive Bach-encyclopedia, an original collage of sound and sight, (and what a sound!), a pulsing play, a drama exploring the mysterious connection between life and art.

Bach holds your shoulder, crossing the threshold of time-space continuum.

Estimado Steven,

Estoy emocionado y feliz por su trabajo sobre J. S. Bach. Y para mí es un honor haber podido participar y colaborar con Usted.

Estoy muy agradecido por su gesto, y por la excelencia de su trabajo y sus excelentes interpretaciones en la guitarra, las cuales he podido escuchar en los 4 volúmenes.

Le reitero mi voluntad de colaboración para cualquier otro proyecto que Usted lleve a cabo. Mi abrazo, con admiración y agradecimiento!

Dear Steven,

I'm excited and happy for your work on J. S. Bach. And for me it is an honor to be able to participate and cooperate with you.

I am grateful for your gesture, and for the excellence of the work, and the excellent performances on guitar. I reiterate my willingness to cooperate for any other project that you perform.

My embrace, with admiration and gratitude!

Hello Dear Friend,

It has been an honor to participate with a great musician like you are! Big hug, master. Hopefully we can work together in some other venture!


You are truly gifted. Your work -- the book, the music -- blesses me beyond words... I am honored to be included in this masterpiece.

Dear Steven!

Thank you so much for your beautiful gift!

I've listened to all of the suites, and feel enriched very much with your amazing performance, and your art of transcribing or maybe translating from one musical language to another.

You did an exceptional and an extraordinary job.

Dear Steven,

Thank you very much for sending us the CDs with the transcriptions of the Cello Suites by Bach. I listen to them every day. Wonderful work, and wonderful playing! Very inspiring….I regard highly what immense work you have done to put together this compendium. As you wrote and as I assume the intense work on the Bach oeuvre and life transformed your art and the way of thinking – a huge intellectual challenge.

I am grateful to be part of this project. I send you a catalogue of a solo exhibition at the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg where a set of the Chaconne Figurines were also shown. Bach has been my teacher since I am 16. So, I can realize your fascination and labor.

Dear Steven,

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift I received this afternoon!

I just finished listening to Disc 1. Your music takes me on a trip down memory lane. I can visualize flickering flame of candles in my backyard; scent of cinnamon apple pie and the warmth of home. A feeling that I haven't had for years living in Hong Kong. It's the first time I listen to Bach on guitar. Your music touches my soul!

I will definitely share your website and videos with my friends. I will also post on social media. Thanks again for your iBooks, too.

I will treasure your inspiring gift forever. Your music will be appreciated and will remind me of your thoughtfulness.

I have no words to describe my excitement. The book is already in my iBooks app, both on my iMac and my iPad Mini. I’ve seen the amazing video and read all the instructions. The download was easy and quite fast.

You’ve done an amazing job and the outcome is just unbelievable!

Thanks again for this wonderful, special gift, I’ll cherish it with all my heart.

The recording is absolutely wonderful. I’ve just listened to it and its marvelous!

Dear Steven,

Last week I made a trip to a congress and stopped in Leipzig finally to see your Bach book on Peters computer. Steven - I am really impressed about this cosmos, it’s to feel with much love and enthusiasm you collect the material over years and years and how Bach guided you in the different directions to very different, but all connected areas of human culture and being…Old music, the history of instruments, baroque, sentimental and contemporary artworks, a lot of Bach portraits, his whole family and important discoverers and interpreters of his music – nothing is missing. So you walked with Bach through all the European cultural history… Also I like your personal style to write and to be in connection with this wonderful old musician.

Hi Steven

The CDs arrived and we can't stop playing them. The music is so beautiful.

Dear Steven !

I'm Impressed ! Your guitar play is very sensitive.

My english vocabulary is limited,so I say Hungarian:
Fantasztikus,Csodálatos,Gazdag,Sokszínű,Sokféle, etc. [Fantastic, Wonderful, Rich, Diverse, Wide-Ranging!, etc.]

I received the CD’s in the mail yesterday and have already listened to all three and must say I am enchanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I received the iBooks and they are WONDERFUL. You've really put a huge amount of work into this project and I am proud to have played a very tiny part.

Dear Steven

The CDs arrived yesterday - what a Christmas present! - and we have started listening to them. They are magnificent!


A day like today, 29 December, 1876, Pau Casals was born in El Vendrell, Catalonia a few minutes from my house. He was called, and continues to be called "el Mestre." Today, after 139 years, I have received your gift in the form of music.

Thank you very much with all my heart.

Your CD transports me ... the sound of your guitar is the sound of the soul. You caress the strings of the guitar, so that musical notes floating in the air and penetrate into the heart of the listener. Thank you for your exquisite sensitivity. I congratulate you for making this dream come true.

Hi Steve and Happy New Year!

I wanted to mention to you how inspiring and excellent your youtube series are, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I share your enthusiasm for the man Bach and see him as a gift to the world. Whenever I feel down I turn to his music for solace and inspiration, he having faced tremendous adversity yet persevering to create immensely inspiring music.

Hello Steven,

Just wanted to let you know your package finally made it all the way to San Miguel (via Laredo), and apart from paying duty (such an annoying regulation in an otherwise heavenly existence here!), the contents arrived complete and are superb.

The booklet alone is a piece of art, beautifully assembled, and with all the dedication that comes from an overwhelming passion for the project.

It is very palpable, and anybody reviewing this set, will surely experience this...

I have read some of the chapters, and watched some of the videos, all of which help clearly explain your sense of wonder. A love affair really...

Scholarship abounds but you have made it both attractive and infectious.

The music is beautifully performed and produced, too.

Can't help feeling JSB would nod and smile to see his work so adapted and adored in this way.

Dear Steven,

Many, many, many thanks! I received the cd-set on Monday, January 18. I am delighted with the result of your amazing work, all that -- the conception, the music, the i-book – it is all so interesting and beautiful.

It is all done so wonderfully. I really love it. To be a little part of this splendid work is a great honour for me.

Thank you with all my heart!

Dear Steven,

Some three days ago the CDs arrived. And I very much appreciate listening to it indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous work with me.

My favourite for the moment is Suite III, where your tone really becomes quite sublime - as far as I have a right to say so. But I am just at the beginning of listening to this all.

I really would like to have you and your project with my friends and me in Eisenach. I think I already told you that the BACHHAUS Museum owns the two JSB-"portraits" I made…

There are a lot of reasons for you to perform there as you certainly know. I'd fantasize a concert by you inside the Georgenkirche for example. If you'd like the idea I'd talk to my friend Reinhard Lorenz who is responsible for cultural affairs within the town. Only problem I see could be (as always unfortunately!) the money. But one shouldn't give up before trying!

Meantime I wish you all the best while promoting and performing the thing at home.

Thank you again. Good luck,